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Gary Sullivan Suggests Drain-FX

    Gary Sullivan takes a listener’s call and discusses how Drain-FX is the best solution for cleaning out drains even in a 95 year old home. The caller was informed that they should never use any chemical solutions containing acid to attempt to unclog their drain.

Gary Sullivan

Gary Sullivan and his producer discuss Drain-FX

After trying numerous drain cleaners on his slow running bathroom sink, Gary Sullivan’s producer discuss why Drain-FX is the only solution for clogged drains. Click below to listen to a radio segment from “At Home with Gary Sullivan”:


Consumer Reports test out drain cleaner device Drain-FX

LOS ANGELES (KABC) — A lot of products promise to clear out pipes without the help of a plumber so Consumer Reports put those claims to the test and found most weren’t effective. But a mechanical device called Drain FX worked well. The device attaches to the faucet and uses pressurized water to clean the…

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Gary Sullivan

Gary Sullivan takes a call & recommends Drain-FX

Gary Sullivan takes a listeners call to discuss a slow running bathroom sink. Listen here:    

Michael King

Michael King – The Cajun Contractor

Michael King – The Cajun Contractor interviews the president of DRAIN-FX. Listen to the interview and find out what its all about:

The Carey brothers

The Carey brothers say “IT Works!”

The Carey brothers tried Drain-FX and were delighted with how “It works!” In fact, James Carey cleverly demonstrated how easy it is to use Drain-FX with his left hand only, while simultaneously videotaping the process with his right. Here below is the actual video that he sent to us!    

Gary Sullivan

Drain-FX featured on “At Home with Gary Sullivan”

Drain-FX featured on “At Home with Gary Sullivan” during his Project of the Week segment. LISTEN NOW:

Consumer Report’s

Consumer Report’s review of Drain-FX was in National News

Matt Pillius, President Royal Class Services, is dedicated to testing all types of consumer goods, Consumer Reports often relies on expert opinions and advice from industry professionals such as Pillius.

Gary Sullivan

Gary Sullivan interviews the President of Drain-FX

Gary Sullivan, Radio Personality dedicated his life to Home Improvement and features Drain-FX for his project of the week. LISTEN NOW:

Gary Sullivan

Gary Sullivan talks about a listener’s Drain-FX testimonial

Gary Sullivan talks about a listener’s Drain-FX testimonial. LISTEN NOW:

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