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February is the month of love.  It is full of hearts, cupids, chocolate, flowers and cleaning your sinks & drains the natural way.  In the United States alone over 21 billion dollars are spent on toxic drain cleaners each and every year!  That is a heart-breaking statistic.  Fall in love with your sinks and drains by keeping them clean with all-natural products.  Most of which are already staples in just about any pantry.

Most common household cleaning products are sure to contain poisonous chemicals that will present dangers to your household in general.  Let us take it a step further and note that these same toxic household chemicals will certainly cause immense damage to water quality & safety, wetlands and wildlife once they are rinsed down the drain.  Some of these chemicals are potently caustic and can cause skin, eye or even lung damage when exposed to their vapors on a regular basis.

To minimize these potential risks to both family members and the environment, a multitude of consumers are becoming more aware of the risks and are thus turning to “greener” and all-natural alternatives.  Keep your drains healthy when cleaning your sinks with environmentally friendly products.

The following are some tips that help to incorporate an all-natural approach to everyday drain health:

Keep Drain-FX handy at all times. When a clogged drain is encountered, Drain-FX is the all-natural solution that is not only environmentally safe, but cost effective too.  Buy it once and that is it!  There is no need to restock because it is that one-time purchase you will love to make.  It is the chemical-free maintenance solution for slow and clogged drains.  Drain-FX turns your existing kitchen or bathroom tap into a powerful pressure washer, to quickly break-up and wash away stubborn clogs and debris. Sustainable and ecologically sound, Drain-FX was designed to clear clogged drains using simple tap water.

Gentle Scouring
Ceramic and stainless steel sinks are usually scoured with powdered cleansers that contain harsh bleach.  There are also the cream-type cleansers that combine scouring powder with bleach, detergent and other abrasive ingredients.  To the naked eye these products certainly look as if they are cleaning the sink however, the ingredients alone wreak havoc on the health of the drain and overall water quality.  An all-natural alternative is ordinary baking soda or sodium bicarbonate.  It is a capable and powerful scouring agent that is also gentle on the skin, safe for the drain and kind to the environment.  To clean sinks and faucets, just sprinkle with baking soda and then scrub gently with a slightly moist sponge or cloth.  Then rinse.  The baking soda removes most of the day-to-day soil and washes away beautifully.

Stronger Scouring
There will be times when a sink becomes too dirty for baking soda alone and a more potent souring powder is necessary.  When this is the case and baking soda alone does not provide the scouring friction needed to remove stubborn dirt, add a small amount of salt to the sponge or cloth along with the baking soda. Either fine sea salt or regular table salt will provide a more robust scrubbing action to defeat those pesky sink soils and stains.

Pads and Brushes
Scouring and scrubbing tools are just as important as the product used on them.  In addition to stronger souring powders, be sure to use either a brush or scrubbing pad.  These are sure to improve the overall efficiency of the baking soda scrub by providing the extra friction necessary to remove dirt.  The most common varieties are made of metal, which can scratch sinks; or plastics, which are not environmentally friendly.  Be sure to select brushes and/or pads that are made with natural materials such brushes made with natural bristles or scouring pads made from natural substances like wool.  In addition, perhaps consider using a natural sponge or section of loofah as the scrubbing tool of choice.

With all of the natural and environmentally friendly choices available it is easy to fall in love with a clean sink and a healthy drain.  Love your sink, drain and environment with Drain-FX.