5 Eco Friendly Fab Finds Features Drain-FX


Drain-FX:   The “e-cool-ogically” minded entrepreneurs at Boemar thought there had to be a better way to unclog drains without putting harmful chemicals back into the environment so they enlisted the help of one of the best plumbers in the world to devise a solution.  This Master Plumber created an ingenious tool called Drain-FX.  This hydro-mechanical drain cleaning device offers a green alternative for clearing drains by simply using tap water and clever engineering to create a powerful pressure washer, which breaks down clogs and flushes them away.   No chemicals, no toxins and the device eliminates the need for a plumber when a clogged drain is the issue.  That means it saves consumers hundreds of dollars in one use!  $19.95 http://www.drain-fx.com/

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Posted on July 31, 2012 in Press

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